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Random acts of kindness from around the world

She Was Given A Second Opportunity At Kindness, Nothing Stopped Her This Time Around

It’s not uncommon to see someone who is homeless or down on their luck asking people who are walking by for spare change. I have seen the same woman in need several times. I recently approached her and introduced myself to her and asked her if I could get her anything to eat or from the Dollar Store. She said she was okay, but was trying to save up for dinner.

I don’t feel comfortable giving money to strangers. I guess it’s a societal stereotype that when you give money to someone in need, they will use it for drugs or alcohol or something else that we may not approve of. I didn’t give anything to Laura (I asked her name and told her my name.) that time.

I felt bad after that encounter with her because I didn’t help her that time. Yesterday, I saw her again. I decided to go to the nearby grocery store (Safeway) and got her a grocery gift card and dropped by to give it to her, along with a bundle of fresh yellow tulips. I chatted briefly with her and she was grateful for the gesture.

We may not be able to help every person in need on our own, but if we can help one person from time to time, we can really make a difference in our world. Be Kind. Help Others. Pay It Forward.

Source Kindspring


A waitress, having noticed how down I looked, came over and asked me if everything was okay

It’s true that small things can mean a lot when we are feeling down, as I found out one Christmas Eve a good few years ago. I had just separated from my girlfriend and was in deep financial trouble. Worse, I knew very few people in the town I was living in.

So there I was, alone in a cafe, watching all these happy smiling faces walk by, hearing the laughter of the other clients, and mulling over the fact that I too would be alone on Christmas day. It seemed at the time that I had never felt so glum in my life. Then a waitress, having noticed how down I looked, came over and asked me if everything was okay. I explained why it wasn’t and she tried to make me feel better.

She went back to work, and when I went to the till to pay she gave me a Christmas card that she had hastily created from some thick brown paper. There was a felt pen drawing of a Christmas tree and some stars on it, and it had been signed by the four people who worked there. She also gave me a bag of Christmas sweets.

I was extremely touched by that gesture, and although I ate the sweets I still have the card to this day.

Source: The Guardian


Hey Joe. Wanna come on holiday with us?

When a complete stranger messaged Joe McGrath on Facebook last week about a free trip to Spain, the 21-year-old in Manchester, England, thought it sounded like a hoax. But he says the invitation kept replaying in his head, and soon he found himself on the phone with a man who sounded quite genuine. A group had planned a surprise trip to Majorca for a friend’s 30th birthday, but their friend Joe McGrath wasn’t able to go, and they didn’t want the plane ticket or hotel room in his name to go to waste. “They messaged 15 other Joe McGraths on Facebook and only one was stupid enough to reply, and that was me,” he tells the BBC.

But “fake” Joe, as the birthday group reportedly took to calling him, talked it over with his girlfriend and boss, and decided to take the leap and enjoy the three-day trip, reports the Manchester Evening News. He posted to Twitter a now widely-shared photo of himself with the group of strangers living it up on the island with the note, “So this happened.” Now that he’s back, he says the 10 friends from Bristol, a city about three hours south of him, were an “absolutely lovely group of people,” and that he’s planning to invite them to Manchester for a thank-you night out. He even thinks he’ll meet the “real” Joe McGrath sooner or later, “and it will be a magical moment.”

Source: Newser

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