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The little girl’s act of kindness that was paid back three-fold


Clare Cranston, one of the members of the Facebook group “The Kindness Challenge” has kindly given us permission to run the story of her then six year old daughter’s quest to bring a little happiness to a sick child.

The story, and the effort it took to achieve her aims really warmed our hearts. The story is ten years old, but Clare told Kudofeed that her 16 year old daughter is still volunteering. A young lady with a kind heart and a credit to her family.


Clare wrote:

This is a pay it forward story that got paid back 3x more.

Here’s my ten year old kindness story: my daughter at the time was 6. She has always been a kind person. She was new to being a Brownie. Time to sell the beloved Girl Scout cookies. She comes to me (remember this story is 10 yrs old) with the prize book and says I want to sell 1,000 boxes of cookies to win that iPod. I said, you are out of your mind!!! I will buy you one for your upcoming birthday.

“No mom, I don’t want the iPod. I want to win the iPod and give it to a kid that’s really sick.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I replied, “Get your shoes on, we have a lot of work to do.” We only had a form and our word that we would deliver the cookies when they arrived.

Off we went, and for the next month, everywhere we went – and I mean everywhere, we sold cookies. Strangers purchased cookies for the military. The military got tons of boxes that year. Our sales benefitted Girl Scouts of Greater NY, and our troop made so much money.

At the cookie deadline, we were out of places and people [to sell to]. We were about 40 boxes shy of the 1,000. Her troop wanted her to make it. They bought the rest of the boxes to sell when they received them.

She made her goal!!!! That wasn’t even the hard part. Finding a sick child was the hard part. HIPPAA laws didn’t allow the hospital to help us. We couldn’t find a sick child. My daughter donated the iPod to a Ronald McDonald function to raise money for sick kids.

She never changed her mind. She never once thought about keeping the iPod. Her aunts were in awe. Girl Scouts was in awe. She was the youngest person to ever accomplish such a task in NY.

Her aunt had 2 iPods and gave her a brand new one. Her other aunt sent her a $50 iTunes gift card and Girl Scouts sent her a $50 iTunes gift card too. One act of kindness had an amazing Domino affect.

I forgot one last tidbit of kindness, thank God for my friend Lara Calderon, who loves to organise and broke down all the cookie orders for me, and kept them at her house!!

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