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August web watch


Lets face it, August has been a fairly rubbish month. I’m not talking about the weather here, but world events. In a month that is normally part of the silly season when news is notoriously slow we have suffered terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Denmark, Hurricane Harvey, and what was that other thing that’s scaring the bejabers out of people right now? Oh yes, the North Korean missile launches and the threat of nuclear war. I knew there was something.

But here on Kudofeed, it is our mission to bring stories of goodness and humanity to people in order to remind them that the world isn’t going to hell in a handcart. We want to bring hope and encouragement and give Kudos to those people who are shining examples of kindness and compassion.

There were the usual stories of courage and compassion coming out of the events in Las Ramblas in Barcelona, including this one about a Muslim man who offered free hugs, which we found particularly touching. We also salute the people of Spain who came out in their thousands to proclaim that, like Londoners, they are not afraid.

There were also stories of kindness and courage from Texas when Hurricane Harvey hit. A furniture chain opened its doors on two of its stores to shelter displaced residents, while it seemed that the whole of Texas was pulling together to help their neighbours. Just two of many, many stories to retire our faith in humanity.

While people are rightfully hungry for news of major events, our most successful stories on Facebook and Twitter were of much smaller events. Like the story of the man befriending KKK members. Before you jump to conclusions, you should know that the man is black, and without attempting to directly persuade the men to leave the Klan has caused hundreds of members to leave the group. How did he do that? You can read about it here.

In another top post we shared a picture that tells a story of incredible compassion. The image marks the end of Matador Torero Álvaro Miner’s career who collapsed in remorse mid-fight. The matador realised he was having to prompt an otherwise gentle beast to fight. Even grievously wounded by picadors, the bull would not attack his taunters. Álvaro went on to become an avid opponent of bullfights. Thanks to Paulo Saraiva for bringing our attention to the story.

Finally, we were proud of Weston-super-Mare’s amazing response when survivors from Grenfell Tower arrived for a day trip. The seaside town rolled out the red carpet for around 120 people – mainly families with children – on a day out organised by volunteers from Bristol. They were given the run of the Grand Pier and the townspeople even donated beach equipment so the survivors could enjoy a rare day of August sunshine.

August has seemed like a very long, and awful month. As one wag on Twitter put it: “Hasn’t August finished yet? It feels like August the 33rd.” Let’s hope September isn’t as awful.

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