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Conscious capitalism: how to make the most of the kindness in business

Seeking higher consciousness in the heart of capitalism. Byron Barrett, CC BY-ND Paul Levy, University of Brighton When companies start to struggle, some people hope that the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) can help CEOs understand themselves and learn to adapt, but too often that is engulfed by traditional ways of running

Children from non-religious homes are more generous than their peers, study suggests

Sorry for being so naughty. imtmphoto /Shutterstock Jonathan Jong, Coventry University It is certainly true that humans don’t need religion to be moral. But whether religion generally reduces or impedes kindness is less obvious, as the link between religion and morality is a notoriously difficult one to untangle. Although many researchers have tried

Finding time for kindness

Lives today just seem so busy - so many pressures, so many draws on our time. And in the midst of all this, the very idea of how to go about supporting your child’s mental health through a challenging time can sound daunting. But we don’t have to be experts

Light had triumphed over darkness

A story of Rape and Reconciliation In 1996, Thordis Elva shared a teenage romance with Tom Stranger, an exchange student from Australia. After a school dance, Tom raped Thordis, after which they parted ways for many years. In this extraordinary talk, Elva and Stranger move through a years-long chronology of shame