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Stretching your donation dollars: 5 tips

By David Campbell, Associate Professor of Public Administration, Binghamton University, State University of New York. Residents pick through a makeshift aid station in Rockport, Texas after Harvey struck their city. AP Photo/Eric Gay Many Americans want to help the people suffering from Hurricane Harvey and its unprecedented floods. There’s no

Why bullying needs more efforts to stop it

Bullying leads to both short-term and long-term adverse consequences. Girl image via Jonathan Todres, Georgia State University The tragic consequences of bullying have become a regular part of the news cycle. In April, an eighth grade girl in Missouri and a sixth grade boy in Pennsylvania committed suicide. Bullying was an important

Trauma makes us shun kindness when we need it most

Friend or foe: what do you see? Kquedquest, CC BY-NC Kirsten McEwan, Cardiff University It seems intuitive that many of us would fear and avoid emotions such as anger and anxiety. But some people fear positive emotions such as happiness and contentment, and of accepting the compassion, kindness and support of others. If

To honor Dr. King, pediatricians offer four tips to teach kindness to kids

From, Nia Heard-Garris, University of Michigan and Danielle Erkoboni, University of Pennsylvania Children are listening. During the election, messages of hate, fear and intolerance were propagated across different media and into communities. And the messages continue. While parents view and listen to these ever-present messages, alongside them are their children, hearing

Forget moral decline: Aussies might be getting kinder

Younger generations are more likely to engage in acts of kindness. Alex Proimos Nicholas Hookway, University of Tasmania and Daphne Habibis, University of Tasmania The world today is often portrayed as being less kind, friendly or giving than it used to be. So-called Gen Me, today’s teens and young adults, are the poster-children

Sustained Happiness Starts from Within

(NewsUSA) – “What is happiness? We can say happiness is this or that, but in terms of life, your life energies are happening in a more exuberant way than it normally happens,” according to yogi, visionary, and thought leader Sadhguru. Although children are naturally happy with things as simple as an

Modelling Kindness in an unkind world

Our world is confusing place for kids. Nearly every day, our sons and daughters are confronted by some form of bullying, disrespect and a complete disregard for authority. These conflicting elements create an environment that makes it tough for teens to be kind. It’s hard to be gentle and meek