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Vulnerable women living in northern Iraq’s refugee camps are being taught how to sew.

Paula Horsfall, from Berkshire, has collected old sewing machines and transported them to Iraq, where skills the women learn keep them off the dangerous streets of the refugee camp and allow them to make money for their families and children.

Mr Beresford said: "It is one of the best things I've done over the years for helping me. It genuinely makes a difference."

Vivian is helping to tackle loneliness through exercise with regular runs to visit her 'coach', 78-year-old Dennis.

It's done through a charity called GoodGym, which unites younger runners with older people who may face loneliness and isolation.

The concept of "forest bathing" is becoming popular in the West, but it originates from Japan.

It is the art of how trees can help you find health and happiness.

Adam has a rare muscle-wasting disease and use a wheelchair, but says that doesn't stop him living his life to the full.