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Pizza Hut Workers Use Kayaks to Deliver Free Pies During Disaster

We have already heard about dozens of relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey – but this story sets a new bar for "pieing-it-forward". A Pizza Hut restaurant in Sugar Land, Texas paddled into their local neighborhoods earlier this week so they could make special deliveries to Texans trapped

Volunteers Flock to Houston to Help Hurricane Victims 

Days of torrential rain have ended in Houston, but many neighborhoods are still under water, especially those near overflowing dams and rivers. The catastrophic weather has brought out a host of volunteers — from across Texas and from other states — to lend a helping hand. Many came with their

National blood week

On 19th June, the NHS will be launching National Blood Week and celebrating how new and existing donors make a difference to the lives of those in need. These donors give up their time to help the NHS by saving people whose lives depend on blood. You can proudly declare #ImThere

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The world in a bubble: why we need good news now more than ever

Can we counterbalance the bad news that assaults us from all directions? Kudofeed plans to do just that. Look closely at some of the spectacular images of Earth from space and you can see the fragile, shimmering skin of our atmosphere – the vast majority of it a wafer-thin but life-sustaining