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Look for the helpers

This week our hearts went out to the family, friends and victims of the Manchester terror attack on the 22nd May. 22 people - teenagers, children and parents who had gone out for what should have been one of the most memorable evenings of their lives were killed in a

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Kindness from strangers

My son, Josh, 14 then, and I were lizard collecting in northern Arizona. It was unseasonably cold and we saw few lizards. We were off in some very remote mountains and when I stupidly tried to go where no 4 wheel drive would make it, I immediately blew out a

Finding time for kindness

Lives today just seem so busy - so many pressures, so many draws on our time. And in the midst of all this, the very idea of how to go about supporting your child’s mental health through a challenging time can sound daunting. But we don’t have to be experts

The world in a bubble: why we need good news now more than ever

Can we counterbalance the bad news that assaults us from all directions? Kudofeed plans to do just that. Look closely at some of the spectacular images of Earth from space and you can see the fragile, shimmering skin of our atmosphere – the vast majority of it a wafer-thin but life-sustaining