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Youth Risks His Life to Crawl After Suicidal Woman and Talk Her Down

A situation that could have ended in tragedy took an inspiring turn last weekend when a Good Samaritan risked his own life to comfort a suicidal woman and talk her down from the edge. The woman was first spotted on Saturday afternoon crawling across a section of beams in the

Why bullying needs more efforts to stop it

Bullying leads to both short-term and long-term adverse consequences. Girl image via Jonathan Todres, Georgia State University The tragic consequences of bullying have become a regular part of the news cycle. In April, an eighth grade girl in Missouri and a sixth grade boy in Pennsylvania committed suicide. Bullying was an important

The healing effects of kindness

It won't surprise you to know that kindness will make you happy. Both kindness to shown you and the kindness you show to other people. It's a no-brainer right? If someone in the queue in front of you buys you a coffee you're going to be chuffed to bits. And smiles

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Sustained Happiness Starts from Within

(NewsUSA) – “What is happiness? We can say happiness is this or that, but in terms of life, your life energies are happening in a more exuberant way than it normally happens,” according to yogi, visionary, and thought leader Sadhguru. Although children are naturally happy with things as simple as an